Jack Kline "HOW ANGELS SLEEP. Unsoundly. They toss and turn, trying to understand the mystery of the living. They know so little about what it's like to fill a new prescription for glasses and suddenly see the world again, with a mixture of disappointment and gratitude.." QUICK FACTS PERSONALITY HISTORY PREYA STORYLINES

NAME: Jack Kline
SPECIES: Nephilim
AGE: 5 days old
LOCATION: Everdale
PARENTS: Kelly Kline (deceased), Lucifer
ABILITIES: Pyrokinesis, Revitalization, Power transference, Precognition, Mental projection, Interdimensional instability, Celestial energy, Impervious to angel blades, Teleportation, Angel Radio. All abilities he has no knowledge of, nor does he have any control over them.

FANDOM: Supernatural
CANON POINT: Season 13, Episode 6 : Tombstone
WIKI: Jack Kline
There is very little that Jack understands when it comes to his own existence. All he has to go off of is whispers given to him by his mother. From infancy he understood that he was coming into a world that his mother deemed too dangerous, and he heeds to her guidance.

It was such warnings that causes Jack to be easily intimidated by his surroundings and hesitant around others. The complicated friendship he made with the Winchesters managed to sooth some of his fears of such a bad world existing, and it causes him to become a bit too trusting of other individuals. His lack of experience fosters naivety, and hinders him from being able to differentiate between good and bad. Despite his lack of experience, Jack is a quick learner. He absorbs information quickly and is eager to learn.

Something that Jack thrives off of is approval. He yearns for approval and acceptance of others. Partly because he was forced to grow up too quickly in a world without both of his parents, and partly because he understands the bad reputation his father has rubbed off on him. Others question whether or not he will follow in Lucifer's footsteps, and that causes him to question himself. He wants to be good, like his mother was, and help people like Castiel does. Thus he's eager, perhaps a little too much so, to prove to others that he can be a good person.

The strength of his abilities have a tendency to attach to his negative emotions. Any time Jack is upset, angry, scared, or hurt triggers his angelic abilities. He was desperate to understand them so he could keep them from hurting others. However, now he is paranoid that others want to exploite his powers and he is determined to keep them secret from others.
Kelly Kline was the secretary of Jefferson Rooney, the President of the United States, whom she had a secret relationship with. The president was a spiritual man, and a widower, and was forced to keep his relationship with Kelly from the public. Lucifer had been jumping from vessel to vessel before he found Rooney, and manipulated the man into letting him possess him under the illusion that he would bring spiritual redemption to America. It was acting as Kelly's lover, and listening to her desires of starting a family, that Lucifer got the idea of having a child with her.

Lucifer became ecstatic, tickled by his own plans of chaos, once Kelly became pregnant. The behavior was enough to alarm her, and she ultimately landed on Castiel's and the Winchester's radar. Despite their best attempts to talk her out of having the baby, Kelly ran away. She didn't care what their predictions were, and had no regard of their warnings. She wanted to have her baby. She spent the next slew of weeks captured by a demon who was sent by Lucifer to protect the baby. Kelly was miserable, and convinced that her child was going to bring destruction, and attempted to take her life. Jack saved her, causing her to have a rejuvenated faith in him. The two were able to bond in their last remaining weeks together. That faith was also passed to Castiel, showing him a vision of a future paradise and empowering him to defeat a demon, after he touched Kelly's hand moments before a possible death.

Jack was born in a lakehouse. Kelly's warning, that the world was a dangerous place, rang loudest out of all the teachings the woman gave him. Thus he forced himself to grow through infancy and childhood so he could better protect himself from such dangers. He was born a young man with nothing more than the woman's teachings to guide him. Kelly had died during childbirth. The trust she had placed in Castiel had been transferred to Jack. He was told that Castiel would keep him safe, and much to his horror Castiel wasn't present when he came into the world. Seconds after he was born he was face to face with strangers, one attempting to harm him. Scared, he ran away.

While he was looking for the one he considered his father, Castiel, he was approached by Sheriff Baker. He was hesitant to trust her, but the woman's assurance that she wanted to help won him over. He spent the next slew of hours absorbing the world he now entered. His first exposure to angel radio, however, caused him debilitating pain. In desperation to leave, he ended up flinging Sheriff Baker across the room only to be stopped by the Winchester brothers. When he woke up he was in a jail cell with Sam Winchester, and was ready to defend himself a second time. However the man's kindness quickly won him over, and he expressed regret in hurting the woman that only tried to help him. This, in turn, seemed to win Sam over. While in the cell a band of angels attempted to take Jack, and stabbed him in the heart with an angel blade once they realized their mission failed. Much to everyone's amazement, he wasn't harmed.

The Winchesters took Jack back to the Lakehouse where he was born. There he got to see his mother and Castiel burn. He learned what saying goodbye was. Now that both his parents were gone, he clung to Sam and Dean's presence. He learned from them and attempted to seem more favorable so they wouldn't abandon him. It was in the tense acceptance that Asmodeus, disguised as a prophet, took advantage of Jack's naivety. He attempted to manipulate Jack into opening a rift of hell, but was quickly stopped by the Winchester's. Jack kept Asmodeus from hurting them and learned his first lesson of how gray good and evil could be. Despite saving the Winchester's he could still sense the hesitance to trust him. It was during an argument between Sam and Dean that he learned that he was the one responsible for Castiel's death. This caused Jack the most pain, and he went to bed feeling defeated. Little did he know his heightened emotion of sadness had managed to bring the angel back to life. The next slew of days Sam attempted to help Jack tap into his powers. Because he didn't know how to access his powers, Jack spent a majority of it frustrated. His friendship with the brothers became further strained when he suspected that they were merely using him and not interested in being around him.

Jack continued to stay with the Winchesters never-the-less, learning as much as he could and accompanying the brothers on their missions to win their acceptance. It was on one mission that he met a shapeshifter that made a career out of bringing closure to those who lost loved ones. He used this shapeshifter as a means to bring him some comfort by asking her to take the shape of his mother, Kelly. Even though he knew it wasn't truly Kelly, it was enough to give him a restored faith in himself. In a world where everyone was waiting for him to turn evil, he was going to choose to be good. Jack became even more determined to prove that.

Much to his surprise he came back from the mission to see Castiel alive and well. Things were looking up. He felt more confident in himself, tapping into his powers easier now, and he had Castiel back. Another mission, unfortunately, changed all of that. He accidentally killed a human while attempting to stop a Ghoul, and that killed all confidence he had in himself. Convinced he would do nothing but harm his friends he decided to run away.
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Jack showed up in Preya after accidentally killing a man on one of the Winchester's hunting jobs. Sam had talked him into coming along to help, and he took the oppurtunity to prove himself. Not only did he want to prove to the Winchesters and Castiel that he was a good person, but he wanted to prove to them that he was beginning to get a handle on his powers. So they had no reason to be afraid of him, and neither did anyone else. However, the strength of his powers caused the death of an innocent man. He felt horrified, and had ruined any credibility he had with the only people he made friends with. He became convinced that he might not be able shake this dark omen of causing death and destruction. He didn't want to hurt anyone, especially his friends, so he blasted them away so he could escape away to a place where no one knew where he was. A fresh start. The offer to come to Preya came to him after he wandered in an abandoned bus station. Jack is satisfied with the thought that he left one dangerous world and found himself in a much safer one. He figures that he'll try his best to live a human life, like his mother. The best place to learn is school, so that's where he'll start.
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